A ham radio station located in Dripping Springs, Texas, USA

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Have been a ham for 25 years, and have made many great friends through amateur radio. Other interests include woodworking and playing, recording and mixing music. Over the years I've played Hammond organ, synths and piano in a number of Austin, Texas bands.


W5MIX 2-Meter Repeater
in Dripping Springs
146.740(-) with a 67.0 PL
IRLP 7090 & Echolink 3444

IRLP calls: dial the 4-digit node number
Echolink calls: dial * and the node number
Disconnect: dial "73".

W5MIX YouTube Live Stream

Live stream

Sometimes, I stream the Flex radio live to the W5MIX YouTube channel. If you want to hear how great the Flex Radio receiver is, check out some of the videos, especially the eSSB and Boat Anchor videos.

If you subscribe to the channel, YouTube will notify you when the stream goes live.

CQ Santa

The annual Santa Net is held every evening between Thanksgiving and Christmas on 3.916 MHz at 7:30PM Central.

I maintain the website, net check in form, and audio recordings.

Check it out at CQ Santa

The End

I also put some info on QRZ

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